For your home, your office, your wedding and for life’s moments
Dear Visitor, welcome to the world of Arbonika!

I am Adrienn - the creator,

 I believe that our environment is the reflection of our personality that lets in an insight on our uniqueness – every home is different and unrepeated, every period of our life is special and it gives certain value to our life’s exciting happenings. Here at Arbonika, we believe that we can turn our home’s atmosphere breathtaking , be that as the big HOME of our life, or the first little home we move in and start our LIFE.  We bring colour into the important moments – those may be any ordinary Tuesday afternoons or a birthday party ,or the wedding you dream of– we believe in the warm and intimate energies that colours and shapes can bring forth.

Do you want us to create You something HUGE?

We also take special orders! Would you like expressive and big compositions or flower clouds? Do you have a rustic neo-vintage pop-up store that you would want to decorate with some dried flowers?

Do you need materials for your brand’s marketing or to for the photoshoot of your new collection, are you looking for accessories or a flatlay director? Would you want to have flowers for your guest house’s or your hotel’s image? Would you want to decorate your office, or maybe your restaurant or your beauty salon with some of our dried flowers?

- We can give you a special price estimation for every unique request.

If you have a concept or an idea in mind, please contact us in the CONTACT menu point.

Everyday flowers

If you’d want to spice up your everyday’s life. You have nothing else to do but to click on the SHOP menu point and to choose what fits you.

Not just flowers

We do our best to always include new exciting items to our webshop’s selection, so that you can uplift your homes and yourselves with more and more flowers and non-flowers products.

One of our most important items next to the flowers are our Vintage furnishings – because as cottage core lovers we feel like we want to share with you a lifestyle.

Wedding requests

We would like to help making your big day special! You have a concept of how you’d want it to be, but you don’t desire to do all the research by yourself, like finding straw bales, candles, arranging a flower-based photoshoot wall, and the beautiful table bouquets and the principal table’s decorations all that to complete a bohemian theme? You don’t have to search anymore; we’ll do our best so that you can find everything at one place: here at Arbonika.


The pleasure of beautiful things.

A gift to yourself.

A refreshment to the soul.


Thank You for Your patience!