Vintage / Elegant / Rustic / Playful / Minimalist

“Everything was so beautiful and had a good vibe/feeling/energy”

“The work of these girls is so effective, handy and rich of ideas. We arrived last minute with all of our hopes given up – we had 3 weeks until the wedding – all of their passion is in the built decorative flowers, and they have this unbelievable ability to perfectly create the atmosphere that we described to them in 3 words.”

Our decorative services


  • Flower crowns
  • Bridal bouquets
  • Centerpiece compositions
  • Built flower walls
  •  Chairs decorations
  •  Flowered up welcoming boards
  •  Built flower gates and flower arches
  •  Flowered paths
  •  Background decorations




Show us what you’re thinking of, and we’ll search for it and buy it for You!

  • -Vintage candle holders
  • Straw cubes seats
  • Vintage carpets/rugs
  • Vintage tablecloth
  • Logs
  • Rattans

Bring your own exciting ideas or show Us some photos and trust Us with the rest! Let’s plan it together, and we’ll realize it for You! If you’d like it, we can come to the location with you to fantasize together of the location’s possibilities. The list of our services also includes just ordering the smallest accessory in itself, if that’s the only little magic You’re missing!

The magic is what we’ll bring/create but you’ll be the WONDER!


“Small, romantic idyll”

We recommend you this package if you’re not planning a big wedding, but you would like the small intimate ceremony to receive the atmosphere you imagine it to have.

From 0 to 50 person – for smaller locations

From 150.000 to 270.000 HUF

“Street ball vibe”

We recommend you this package if you’re planning at a bigger location, like a tent ceremony or a restaurant. If you’re craving for complete decorations but you don’t need everything to be flowered up.

From 50 to 150 person – for larger locations

From 270.000 to 450.000 HUF

“Behind the beyond”

We recommend you this package, if You’re having the Big Wedding, if you need decorations for grandiose inside and outside spaces. If you wish for a complete decoration and you also have extra ideas next to that.

From 150 person – for a huge/enormous/colossal location

From 450.000 HUF


We create beautiful, personalized flower crowns and bouquets with free matching badge for the groom.